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New Brighton Pier 2022

25 April 2022

Start of a new day at New Brighton, Anzac Day 2022. A bird and a ...

Bird sculpture at Casa Rossa

21 November 2021

Bird sculpture at Casa Rossa, 203 Jowers Road, West Melton.

White heron/kōtuku at Brooklands Lagoon

2 October 2020

A rare White heron/kōtuku spotted at Brooklands Lagoon.

Trio of chickens, Phillipstown Kidsfirst Kindergarten

16 October 2021

Chickens make the most of the large outdoor area at Phillipstown ...

Resting up after lunch

24 October 2020

White-fronted terns or Tara resting at Matuku Takotako / Sumner ...

Black swans and cygnets

4 September 2021

Avon River birdlife.


1 September 2021

Beautiful Chaffinch out for a stroll in Westmorland.

Yo-Yo Ma performs free concert, Avon River

13 November 2019

American cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, performs on the banks of the Avon ...

Peacock at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

8 December 2019

Close-up of a peacock at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Taken ...

Black Swan at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

8 December 2019

Close-up of a black swan at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Taken ...

Feeding the ducks at The Groynes


June Hunt (left) and Joy feeding the ducks at The Groynes.

Seagulls by Sumner Lifeboat Station

September 2019

"Bird friends enjoying their evening in Sumner Beach" - ...

Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls)

20 October 2020

Rare Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls) colony on Armagh Street at ...

Ron Cone with chickens

November 1984

Ron Cone tending to chickens on his property in Papanui.

Chickens in the garden


Daughter of Ron Cone in their garden in Papanui feeding the ...

Early Morning

30 April 2020

This photo was taken in lockdown in our bubble one early morning ...

Playing with my birds

June 2020

My image fits the theme because I loved playing with my birds in ...

I'm looking at you

April 2020

Beautiful wax eye snapped in my back garden, so cute and ...

Autumn beautie

April 2020

Beautiful fantail snapped in the Halswell Domain over lockdown, ...

Spring still comes, even in the Residential Red Zone!

12 October 2011, 4:53 PM

Even after the earthquakes, spring still came to Christchurch - ...

Slip-sliding away

Wednesday, ‎23 ‎February ‎2011, ‏‎2:36 PM

The riverbanks on Avonside Drive subsided dramatically towards ...

Undisturbed birds

28 March 2020

During the Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown, the seagulls can bathe as ...

Brooklands, The Shack Of Remembrance

18 March 2011

The Shack Of Remembrance was built by two Brooklands locals and ...

Beatiful Autumn

7 April 2020

Avon River during Covid19 Lockdown, 7 April 2020.

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